Sustainable Mobility

Business and sustainability are mutually exclusive? We don't think so!
Friedrich & Wagner is a privately held investment company
with a focus on sustainable mobility solutions. We are committed
to innovative solutions and making a positive contribution to the future.

Sustainable Mobility
Strategic and long-term
Entrepreneurial spirit

The story

Bastian Friedrich and Christian Wagner are successful founders and entrepreneurs: Back in 2002, while studying at the Technical University of Munich, they partnered to found the technology company in-tech.

Together, they grew the startup into an internationally successful company: At in-tech, 1,500 employees in 8 countries develop software and electronics solutions for the automotive, rail and industrial sectors.

Further acquisitions and spin-offs complement the portfolio. A constant priority: The future of mobility. Mobility that is intelligent, multimodal and, of course, sustainable. The two entrepreneurs make targeted investments in sustainable topics such as electromobility and car sharing.

Both founders are characterized by a healthy mix of innovative strength and down-to-earthness: Visionary business sense and the courage to innovate are complemented by solid business management and a focus on long-term stability.


Aampere – modern cars for modern people

Aampere is an innovative platform for used electric cars. Aampere makes buying and selling used electric vehicles as easy and comfortable as shopping online.


chargebyte is the market leader for powerline communication in e-mobility. The products are used, for example, in electric vehicles and charging stations, but also in many other application scenarios.

driveblocks - The future of autonomous driving

driveblocks changes the world of autonomous driving. driveblocks' team of world-class experts develops a scalable, modular platform that can easily be adapted to different applications. For the first commercial milestone on the roadmap, the company applies the modular driving platform to the European logistics sector and enables efficient safe and reliable freight transport.

in-tech - Moving the future.

in-tech develops innovative solutions for automotive, smart city and smart factory. 1500 employees in 8 countries develop software and electronics for automotive, rail transport and new forms of mobility.

pepper - electrifying transportation!

pepper offers solutions for the electrification of commercial vehicles. The award-winning and globally unique etrofit electrification solution facilitates a rapid entry into e-mobility, helps achieve climate targets, and is extremely attractive from an economic point of view as well.

prime real estate

prime real estate builds and rents out commercial real estate. The focus is on attractively designed, multifunctional and energy-saving spaces that offer a modern and pleasant working environment.

XSun - coming from the sun

XSun is a group of highly skilled engineers in aerospace technology with groundbreaking ideas that will contribute towards a better tomorrow. XSun builds advanced autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles that can go further, quieter and safer for many applications.