Our portfolio

At F+W, we are dedicated to backing visionaries who are shaping the future of technology. From sustainable energy to the mobility of the future: Our commitment extends to supporting innovative founders who are not just chasing trends but are paving the way for groundbreaking advancements.

Current investments


Managed marketplace for used electric vehicles

Aampere is a managed marketplace for used electric vehicles (EV). The managed platform offers meticulously inspected and battery-checked EVs, ready for their next journey.

Every vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection, especially the battery, to ensure top-tier quality and safety. With just a few clicks, you can select your next EV online and have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Whether you're buying or selling, Aampere makes the process safe, simple, and user-friendly.


Making waste to oil!

AES specializes in transforming unused plastic resources into valuable oil. This oil is then processed into new materials, embodying a circular economy approach.

AES's holistic strategy encompasses complete oil management, offering clients a unique opportunity to derive real added value from previously unused resources.

Their highly customizable FLUKS systems are meticulously tailored to meet individual requirements, showcasing AES's commitment to personalized solutions.


Solutions for electric vehicle charging communication

chargebyte is a leading solution provider for the link of sustainable e-mobility and energy and an innovator in powerline-based charging communications.

The company offers a range of solutions critical to the evolution of electric vehicle (EV) charging technology. The product portfolio spans from the advanced ISO15118-20 Software Stack to Charging Station Communication Modules and Automotive Safety Controllers.

chargebyte's products are developed and manufactured in Germany and shipped worldwide.


The future of autonomous driving

driveblocks changes the world of autonomous driving. driveblocks' team of world-class experts develops a scalable, modular platform that can easily be adapted to different applications. The Mapless Autonomy Platform makes this technology applicable to highway trucking, agriculture, mining and logistics.

For the first commercial milestone on the roadmap, the company applies the modular driving platform to the European logistics sector and enables efficient safe and reliable freight transport.

gecko energy

One-stop-shop for solar energy, energy storage and charging infrastructure

gecko energy is an innovative player in sustainable building technology. The team's expertise spans photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, and charging infrastructure for electric cars.

gecko energy stands out by providing a holistic service package – from consulting and concept development to supplying equipment and installation. This all-in-one approach ensures seamless integration of sustainable technologies for clients, making gecko energy a one-stop shop for eco-friendly building solutions.

pepper motion

Electric drive systems for commercial vehicles

pepper motion develops electric drive systems for buses, trucks, and special vehicles. The company's award-winning solutions enable your fleet to enter the world of electromobility.

Catering to both battery-electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, Pepper Motion's systems are designed to be economical, efficient, and sustainable. This approach not only aligns with the current shift towards eco-friendly transport solutions but also ensures timely and cost-effective integration for their clients' fleets.

prime real estate

Modern work environments

prime real estate builds and rents out commercial real estate. The focus lies on creating attractively designed, multifunctional spaces that prioritize energy efficiency. These spaces are tailored to provide a modern and pleasant working environment, aligning with today’s evolving business needs.


Solar-electric long range drone manufacturer

Using the power of the sun, XSun outperforms all electric drones world wide. Operating in Europe, Africa and Australia XSun drones provide solutions for Environmental monitoring, Security,  Critical Infrastructure monitoring and Topographical Mapping.

XSun has won many prices for innovation including H2020 and French Tech 2030 and is amongst the most innovative companies in Europe and France.

Past investments


The heartbeat of mobility

in-tech is an engineering service provider with a focus on the automotive industry. With a team of over 2000 experts spread across 8 countries, in-tech stands as a global leader in developing advanced software and electronics solutions.

in-tech's team of developers works on software and electronics solutions for the automotive industry as well as railway and smart industry. The company's software and electronics solutions are shaping the sustainable, intelligent and connected car of the future.