About us

F+W is the investment company of Bastian Friedrich and Christian Wagner. We are successful entrepreneurs with a down-to-earth business mindset.

How it started

Our journey began in 2002 at the Technical University of Munich: As students, Bastian and Christian founded the engineering company in-tech. Together, they grew the startup into a successful international tech company.

This period was characterized by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit and led the company from its humble beginnings to considerable success in the technology sector.

What we're doing

Today, our focus is on creating innovative tech companies. With backgrounds in engineering, Bastian and Christian have a keen eye for technological solutions that have the potential to significantly impact the market.

Our goal is to support the development of these pioneering ideas, providing the necessary guidance and resources to transform them into reality.

Our mindset

Our strategic approach is founded on a blend of ambitious ideas and realistic execution. While we do believe in bold and transformative ideas, we also emphasize the importance of a stable, efficiently managed business structure.

This philosophy ensures a balanced development towards the achievement of high goals, backed up by realistic and sustainable business practices.

Let's get in touch!

We're here to help. For more details or inquiries, please reach out to us.

Christian Wagner